Product Benefits

  • Who is REJUVINAIR®?
    REJUVINAIR® founded in 1997 is a Veteran-Owned Florida Corporation based in Tallahassee.

  • What does REJUVINAIR® do?
    REJUVINAIR® is a service provider that creates infection control programs for building owners found in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, hotels, motels, restaurants, offices, schools and commercial properties. 

  • What makes REJUVINAIR® unique?
    Our experience… We’ve developed this program 22 years ago! REJUVINAIR®’’s sustainable process uses only steam (Super-Heated 305°F) to disinfect, sanitize and rejuvenate the air conditioning coils that are infecting the living and working environment you work and live in!

  • How does REJUVINAIR® do it?
    We use only Super-Heated 305°F steam to kill all of the bio-burdened, infectious contaminants living and breathing in your HVAC coils. NO Anti-microbials, NO Acids, NO Chemicals and NO Poisons of any kind will be applied to your air conditioning equipment, roof top or the planet from our sanitation process.
  • What else does REJUVINAIR® do?
    REJUVINAIR® partners with Prescription Indoor Air to holistically address all points of indoor air contaminants and provides the owner with the cleanest, purest, healthiest and environmentally safe indoor air humanly possible.  
  • Who benefits and how?
    REJUVINAIR® customers experience tremendous energy savings, Indoor Air Quality IAQ improvements and a myriad of other capital and health benefits. You, your staff, clients and visitors will enjoy safer, healthier and cleaner indoor air to breathe.
  • Why do you need REJUVINAIR®?REJUVINAIR® ‘s services are documented with pictures and designed to protect the owner of the facility. By hiring Rejuvinair you are establishing an Indoor Air Quality program that addresses the source of your contaminants not the symptoms. Steam sanitized air conditioners preform better and use less electricity. Clean air environments promote good relations with your staff and clients. It’s the Right Thing to Do!