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Delivering the cleanest, safest, and healthiest indoor air humanly possible.

The air handling system in your home/office acts like the lungs do for your body. No matter how well your air conditioning system is engineered and built, if it is not properly maintained will waste huge amounts of energy. And worse yet, these units become breeding grounds for bio-film which leads to suffering, sneezing, wheezing, sniffling, discomfort, discontentment, absenteeism, sicknesses, and even death.

The Prescription Indoor Air Program works to  draw in, attract, and capture asthma and allergy triggers that cause your family and coworkers irritabilities and discomfort.

All you have to do is plug it in!



Key Benefits & Savings

  1. Promotes a safe and clean environment, and cleaner indoor air!
  2. Removes most odors and smells
  3. Traps volatile organic compounds
  4. Reduces sickness by trapping viruses (Infection control)
  5. Reduces absenteeism at school and work (Infection control)
  6. Enhances the living environment, less sickness (Infection control)
  7. Traps dust, dirt, dog and cat dander and other allergenic non-viable materials
  8. Prevents bacterial, viral and algae/fungal re-growth on a/c coils (Infection control)
  9. Prevents mold from growing in home (Infection control)
  10. Prevents mold from growing in rooms (Infection control)
  11. Reduces air conditioner purchases, service and repairs
  12. Extends life of the homes air conditioners, room furnishings, carpeting
  13. Reduces cooling and heating costs
  14. Process is turn-key



what percentage of illness is related to air contaminents?

Indoor air contaminants are responsible for half of all illnesses around the globe.

what does the epa say regarding indoor air pollution?

The EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top environmental risks to public health.


More than 20 million Americans are estimated to have some form of Asthma. 40,000 dust mites, a common household allergy, can be found in one ounce of dust.

How do I know if my home/office has indoor air quality problems that need to be corrected?

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 30% of all newly constructed and remodeled facilities have indoor air quality problems.

Are children at a higher risk of complication from indoor air issues than adults?

Because children breathe faster than adults, children inhale 50% more air per pound of body weight than adults are especially sensitive to air quality problems.

why is it important to ensure the air in my home/office area is filtered?

It is suggested we drink approximately  two quarts of “clean water” each day. By comparison, we inhale approximately 15,000 quarts of air each day. You filter your water before you drink it, it only makes sense you should do the same for the air you breathe.

How Does It Work?

“For NO CHARGE, you can Breathe Better, Feel Better, Sleep Better and Look Better:

The remarkable Rejuvinator Unit© is a Proprietary Indoor Air Filtration System that draws in and captures the impurities and triggers that infect and affect your home and workplace.

Our system and service address the cause of your breathing challenges… not the symptoms!

Do you or your loved ones have breathing issues? Allergies? Asthma? COPD? Prescribed Oxygen?

This HEPA air- filtering machine is being used to protect your lungs from unwanted air-borne contaminants and promote a safer, cleaner and healthier breathing environment. You will find these machines located strategically throughout the facility to protect you and the staff from unwanted pathogens

HEPA Filtration is Recommended by: CDC, AMA, ADA, ALA, OSHA, and NIOSH


  • Call the number below and we will deliver to you (for NO CHARGE) the “Rejuvinator Unit” that uses proprietary and HEPA filtration to capture and kill the triggers found in your home that cause your breathing problems.

  • Stage the unit where you sleep and use it for 60 days for free! Your body heals itself while you sleep. That’s it!  Quality sleep results have occurred in as soon as one day!

  • If after 60 days you are satisfied with the results of the Prescription Indoor Air© program we will clean your unit, change your filters and you can continue the quarterly maintenance service for as little as $50/month/Unit. Terms apply.

  • If you are not satisfied, we will collect the “Rejuvinator Unit” and cancel the service at NO CHARGE.

  • Any questions, comments or suggestion contact: Greg Schulman (850) 321-4513.


"This year we had Prescription Indoor Air measure, analyze and place their Rejuvinator Air Cleaners in all our classrooms. Mr. Greg Schulman comes out on a regular basis to service the machines and measure the indoor air. It has been 6 months since we began using Prescription Indoor Air and the Rejuvinator Air Cleaners and we have noticed a big difference in the health of our school."
Kim Cherry and Kimberly King
Cherry Tree Earling Learning Center
"We have had Prescription Indoor Air" filters for 6-7 months now, and we have noticed a significant difference. Nobody is sick, and we don't have to dust nearly as often. My daughter, and I who have always suffered from skin problems, no longer itch constantly. It has helped with our allergies tremendously. We highly recommend Prescription Indoor Air to everyone!"
Greg Chentnik
Operations Manager, IGT
"Since the process was instituted, I have seen a significant reduction in allergic responses that some of my staff have had on a chronic basis over the years. One of my hygienists suffers from allergic rhinitis and she would typically sneeze 8-10 or more times a day. Since having the unit installed in our operatory she hardly sneezes at all. On a personal note, I have installed one at home, and my morning congestion improved."
Dr. James F. Walton


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