The Opportunity:

Our advanced sustainable and proprietary HVAC maintenance equipment, filtering equipment, processes, procedures and protocol have been developed to combat and reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI) and fight Covid-19 compliance concerns. This is a proprietary process that uses super-heated steam (320°F) to effectively destroy bio-burdened pathogens and their spores found floating in the invisible air. The Guardian Angel program is turn-key and ensures the remote HEPA-filtration process & services are expedited and documented.

Both programs are excellent in and of themselves, but when combined will deliver an un-paralleled healthy environment to live, work and play!

  • Established 1997
  •  HVAC equipment steam sanitized
  • HEPA Filtration Services
  • Completely new revenue stream
  • Cyclical sales
  • Un-told Billions in unrealized sales
  • Successful prospects will share our corporate values and passion for the health of people.
  • Successful prospects will have a healthy attitude toward profitability, sustainability, transparency and corporate social responsibility.
  • Successful prospects will be driven to reduce their energy consumption, and reduce their carbon foot print.
  • Successful prospects will want to provide safe, clean and healthy air for their building owners and occupants.
  • Successful prospects will be seeking better policies and procedures to combat HAI infections and clean air environments.
  • Successful prospects will be leaders in the Healthcare, Hospitality and Facility Maintenance sectors
  • Return on Investment
  • 23-year head start on the competition!
  • Programs suit any business or residential environment
  • Infection control programs/procedures
  • We’ve tried it, done it and proved it!
  • Increase sales to existing customers
  • Add new cyclical sales each year!
  • Billions in annual sales potential National/Global

Rejuvinair Inc, and Prescription Indoor Air are poised and ready to expand. We are actively seeking a like-minded, passionate business partner to benefit mutually from our efforts to provide the world with safer, cleaner and healthier indoor air to breathe! Serious offers should contact Richard Namovich (Founder/President) / 850 443-7255