More than any other company, Prescription Indoor Air is positioned to help you establish an environmentally safe & clean indoor air quality maintenance program!


Delivering the cleanest, safest, and healthiest indoor air humanly possible.

The air handling system in your home/office acts like the lungs do for your body. No matter how well your air conditioning system is engineered and built, if it is not properly maintained will waste huge amounts of energy. And worse yet, these units become breeding grounds for bio-film which leads to suffering, sneezing, wheezing, sniffling, discomfort, discontentment, absenteeism, sicknesses, and even death.

The Prescription Indoor Air Program works to  draw in, attract, and capture asthma and allergy triggers along with aerosolized particles that cause your family and co-workers irritabilities, discomfort, and health issues. All You Have To Do Is Plug It In!


Prescription Indoor Air founded in 1998 is a Florida Corporation.


Prescription Indoor Air© installs, services, and maintains (Proprietary) HEPA Air Cleaners to remove air-borne contaminants and protect the working and living environment. Our services are customized to protect (24/7) nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, hotels, motels, restaurants, offices, schools, and all commercial properties.


Our “Rejuvinator” HEPA air-cleaners come loaded with an array of Pre-HEPA Filters and the units are serviced at per-determined intervals throughout the year to guarantee operational performance and to protect the owner, staff, clients, and visitors with safe, clean air to breathe.


Prescription Indoor Air© uses True HEPA Filtration along with (a proprietary pre-filter pack) to sustainably draw-in, capture, and kill 99.97% of allergens (as small as 0.3 microns) from air passing through the filters.

Can PRESCRIPTION INDOOR AIR's "Rejuvinator" HEPA air cleaner capture the Covid-19 virus?

Yes! Although most viruses measure smaller in size (0.001-0.1 microns) and should easily pass through a HEPA filter, our proprietary filter array causes a static charge and the random “Brownian motion” that viruses travel in, prove extremely effective in capturing viruses.

proprietary filter


PRESCRIPTION INDOOR AIR© guarantees the functionality of the “Rejuvinator” HEPA air-cleaner forever! All filter costs (Pre and HEPA) along with the cost of the labor for the service are included!

Who benefits from this service and how?

This program is designed to protect the owner of the building, facility, or home. Because owners are held accountable for the working environment they are providing, this program takes the worry out of indoor air quality concerns, practices and policies. As part of the return expected, the owner will experience a lower power bill, healthier breathing environment for themselves, their staff, clients, and visitors!


PRESCRIPTION INDOOR AIR provides the owner with peace of mind because their indoor air and infection control programs are serviced monthly to assure a safer, cleaner, and healthier building or facility. All work is documented and guaranteed to comply with CDC, ADA, OSHA, and NIOSH air quality standards.


Prescription Indoor Air©

Dental Facilities

Unlike other buildings and building owners you are faced with the following:

  • Confined/small work rooms
  • Over crowding (2, 3 or 4 to a room)
  • Crowded waiting room
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • High counts of particulate matter
  • Thermal comfort problems
  • Dank odors and smells
  • High Absenteeism

“High pollution levels of CO2, Volatile Organic Compounds and particulate matter during the operation hours were found, while in the non-working periods lower levels were recorded. The indoor air quality was critical in the dentistry clinic due to the use of specific substances for dental operations, cleaning processes, high number of occupants and the HVAC schemes. Therefore, it is essential to improve the HVAC and filtration schemes in order to prevent the occupants from inhaling high pollutant concentrations who spend most of their time in these environments.”

**Athens University Dentistry Faculty

Savings & Benefits of the REJUVINAIR® – Prescription Indoor Air©  

Infection Control Program

Facility HEPA Filtration and monthly maintenance

  1. Protects the office/lab environment
  2. Promotes office image of clean and healthy
  3. Removes dank odors and smells
  4. Provides infection control program and awareness
  5. Reduces employee sickness
  6. Promotes staff loyalty
  7. Reduces absenteeism
  8. Increases employee morale and employee productivity
  9. Reduces risk of employee sickness litigation
  10. Exceeds OSHA/NIOSH indoor air safety requirements

Air Conditioner/Air Handler/Cooling Coils/Heating Coils

  1. Returns coils to “OEM” specifications and condition
  2. Reduces air handler purchases, service and repairs
  3. Reduces air handler coil purchases, service and repairs
  4. Extends life of the facility air handlers
  5. Lowers the power bill

Infection Control-Steam Sanitizing HVAC

  1. Removes toxic mold, bacteria, viruses, algae found on air handler coils
  2. Removes all dust, dirt and other allergenic non-viable materials found on air handler coils
  3. Prevents bacterial, viral and algae/fungal re-growth on coils
  4. Prevents mold from growing in and on the air handler coils
  5. Prevents mold from growing in building
  6. Prevents mold from growing in rooms
  7. Reduces risk of bad indoor air
  8. Reduces risk of Sick Building Syndrome SBS


  1. Totally LEGAL and Exceeds ALL:
  • Federal, State and Local Laws, Regulations and Guidelines OSHA, NIOSH, EPA, ANSI, ASHRAE, LEED, AHCA and DEP Standards thereby eliminating any and all interference from government agencies
  1. Reduces risk of bad indoor air litigation
  2. Reduces risk of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) litigation
  3. Sustainable Proprietary Process – Nothing but water super – heated to 310° – 440°
  • NO Chemicals, NO Acids, NO Cleansers, NO Anti-microbials, NO Poisons
  • NO Ozone, NO Soaps, NO Detergents, NO UV Lighting


  1. Eliminates all HVAC/AHU coil damage caused by chemicals
  2. Eliminates all HVAC/AHU chemical damage costs
  3. Extends life of room furnishings and carpeting
  4. Reduces cooling and heating costs
  5. Energy setbacks (PM) are more efficient
  6. Eligible for Utility Rebates
  7. Sustainable proprietary process is turnkey
  8. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  9. Reduces carbon footprint and earns carbon credits
  10. Reduces the building’s overall environmental footprint
  11. Improves financial performance


The major problems for the healthcare facility-owner are clearly overcrowding, absenteeism, odors and occupant thermal comfort. The air handling system cooling and heating coils located deep inside the air conditioner are the lungs of your office. No matter how well the air conditioners are engineered, built, controlled, monitored or equipped; if they are not sustainably cleaned, maintained to OEM specifications (annually), huge amounts of energy is wasted. Worse yet, these air conditioners and the coils become the breeding grounds for bio-film which leads to discomfort, discontentment, other serious sicknesses, death, heartaches, lawsuits and catastrophic costs.

Combining the annual Rejuvinair steam coil cleaning service with the monthly Prescription Indoor Air HEPA filtration services provides the owner with a superior indoor air quality and infection control program that is documented and guaranteed to comply with CDC, ADA, OSHA and NIOSH air quality standards.

  • You win
  • Your family wins
  • Your employees win
  • Your healthcare facility  wins
  • Your healthcare facility equipment wins
  • Your healthcare facility bottom-line wins
  • The environment wins
  • Everyone wins

REJUVINAIR® & Prescription Indoor Air©  

Cleaner, Safer and Healthier Indoor Air!

 (** ) (***) A full and complete documented report is available upon request.

Recommended by:

Dr. James Walton III, DDS / 1280 Timberlane Rd. Tallahassee, FL 32312 / 850 893-2136

Dr. Nancy Phillips, DDS / 428 E. College Ave.  Tallahassee, FL 32301 / 850 321-9800

Mr. Phillip Munoz / 2810-A Industrial Plaza Tallahassee, FL 32301 / 850 877-6221



"This year we had Prescription Indoor Air measure, analyze and place their Rejuvinator Air Cleaners in all our classrooms. Mr. Greg Schulman comes out on a regular basis to service the machines and measure the indoor air. It has been 6 months since we began using Prescription Indoor Air and the Rejuvinator Air Cleaners and we have noticed a big difference in the health of our school."
Kim Cherry and Kimberly King
Cherry Tree Earling Learning Center
"We have had Prescription Indoor Air" filters for 6-7 months now, and we have noticed a significant difference. Nobody is sick, and we don't have to dust nearly as often. My daughter, and I who have always suffered from skin problems, no longer itch constantly. It has helped with our allergies tremendously. We highly recommend Prescription Indoor Air to everyone!"
Greg Chentnik
Operations Manager, IGT
As part of a safe, clean and healthy office environment we have been using an air filtration system, Prescription Indoor Air, Inc., that was invented and patented by one of our patients. Our office was the original OSHA test facility for the system. To protect and enhance the indoor breathing environment for employees and patients we have installed True HEPA filtration machines throughout the facility.
Dr. James F. Walton


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